Friday, November 18, 2005

Exuent, chased by bear!

Only Eng-lit guys will probably get the headline. Remember, Shakespeare? In 'As You Like It', a comedy which is set in a forest, the bard found a rather facile way of getting actors off the stage. He would make them summarily run out and in italics say, "Exuent, chased by bear". In fact, we once counted how many times this happened in the play as exam ennui prevented us from looking at anything more serious about the play or the fate of the protagonists. I've lost count of the number -- actually, I've even forgotten the names of the protagonists (I think they are Orlando and Rosalind, two love-lorn characters from fueding families banished by narrow-minded families and living in the forest).

This isn't why I wrote the headline. I was reminded of the Shakespearean stage direction when I read today that Bal Thackeray is bidding bye to politics. `The Bear' in his case, as in Jyoti Basu's case, is old age, senility, dotage and years of crappy politics. But still, both are/were giants who held the popular imagination for too long a time. I'm more happy about Thackeray's exuent because I think his brand of communal/chauvinistic politics is far more dangerous than Jyoti Babu's crocodile tears for the poor. While Jyoti Babu's exit brought in a poster-boy of a politician (five years into his chief ministership, Buddha is getting endorsements upto 80-90% in opinion polls), I doubt if that'll be the case with Shiv Sena. Already the Sena is cracking and Balasaheb's departure will probably reduce it to a rump. However, all said and done, Thackeray was quite a character and I'm surprised newspapers didn't give sufficient attention to his hanging up his bloody gloves.

It's amazing how thoughts zip from one thing to another. Even as I was writing about Jyoti Babu and Buddha, I was reminded of the spat in Bengal Assembly yesterday or the day before between two ministers over Sourav Ganguly. One of them wondered why Bongs are making such a big deal about Sourav's exclusion from the team, and another jumped up to say they had every reason to do so and, in any case, if the Bengal Tiger didn't make it to the team there won't be a match in Kol. Visceral stuff. By the way, any opinions about Dada's return to the team which now looks possible? Frankly, I wouldn't mind it because I find him an entertainer -- he excites strong passions; love him, hate him, you can't ignore him. In comparison, I find Dravid too perfect: goody-goody and vapid. Oops, I think I'll be hated for saying this. But I've said it. Honesty is the worst policy, no?


Blogger shyam said...

Umm.. once again, why do women like bad boys? :)

4:41 AM  
Blogger rani said...

But they're exciting. I'm sure boys don't like goody-goody types too.

5:05 AM  

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