Friday, November 18, 2005

Put The Loonies In The Bin

There's a disturbing rash of intolerance in the country. Terror attacks apart, people are going bonkers to shove their viewpoint down other's gullets. Take the sanctimonious Islamic clergy -- they're going after Sania Mirza as though the girl has committed a crime. All she does is she wears short, attractive skirts while playing tennis. It's an efficient dress for the game, quite apart from the fact it makes Sania look in sync with the mainstream of the game. But the maulvis would rather have her play in long pants, at the very minimum, and in a burqa if they could really have their way. The poor 19-year-old said, please look at my game, not my skirt's hemline, and the hounds of orthodoxy are baying again. And now Sania's dad is pleading to both her tormentors as well as to the media: please leave the kid alone.

Last night I heard an even more bizarre case. Some s.o.b. gave triple talaq on sms in Moradabad. And an illiterate maulvi granted it! What the f--k is happening? Why are these dogs of god helping paint the entire community as caught in a medieval time warp? Is there an intrinsic problem with Islam? Before you begin to nod in agreement, look around and see what RSS boss Sudershan is saying. On Thursday, he urged Hindus to have at least three children and, if they afford it, have 17. No jokes, he said this and it was reported by the papers. That's not all -- in Pushkar the state BJP government (in secular, modern India) has laid down the norms of behaviour. Touching women in public, its handbook says, is a no-no, unless the woman is old or sick (and therefore in need of support). At home, I guess, you can not only touch them but beat them black and blue. The handbook goes on to say that hugging or kissing in public is, of course, banned altogether. And it adds that in India smoking or drinking is viewed as an act of disrespect.

Whose India? How can moral cops take over public behaviour in the name of defining India, a country belonging to a billion-plus, including you and me. How can Sudershan seek to create a population explosion on the basis of his (and his parivar's) paranoia? I am not even talking of the social disaffection and biases that he's trying to create. How can a maulvi disregard elementary tenets of natural justice and grant divorce on the basis of a freaking sms? I think we should have a law against this kind of patently illegal acts. Put these loonies in the bin. My considered view that these moral cops and medieval creatures are cowards who seek to flex their muscles on the basis of an aggressive orthodoxy and a voluble minority. Put the fear of god in them and they'll shut up and behave.

A caveat about the law and courts. Are you following the Khushboo case in Tamil Nadu? The poor ex-actress is being hounded because she said pre-marital sex was not uncommon and men shouldn't expect their wives to be virgins. She said this in the context of sex education and the spread of aids. And the PMK is down her throat. Jayalalithaa has given the PMK her quiet support. Mani Ratnam's wife, Suhashini, came to her support and they are hounding her too. Suhashini has since apologised. And the courts? They have said they didn't wish to interfere! If not in such persecution, in what will they intervene?


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Thanks for commenting on my blog and my apologies for not responding earlier. Yes, I've heard the new Stones and Clapton as well as the Santana albums. To tell you frankly, these guys are now wringing the most out of their erstwhile fans' nostalgia trips. I personally am exploring a welter of new musicians. There's so much that I am quite overwhelmed.

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Blogger Shivangi said...

Well Rani, you'd be surprised to know that after Sudarshan made that bizarre suggestion, the 'only-two kid' norm was lifted off the state of Madhya Pradesh. Such is the impact of people like him.
Religion does change the world. Look at lalu yadav for instance. The man had put up a fight with the village brahmins for his mother's equal burial rights only to later seek 'religious' solace. Notice the many rings on his hand?

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